Who we are

What is OT

Occupational Therapy is a client centred health profession primarily concerned with maximising independence and quality of life.

Occupational Therapists look closely at ‘Occupational Performance’ i.e.: how well individuals manage to the do the daily activities ‘or occupations’ that make up their everyday lives.

The primary goal of Occupational Therapy is to enable people to participate in these activities of daily living in the fullest and most satisfactory manner.

These activities can include:

  • Bathing / Showering / Dressing
  • Eating
  • Toiletting
  • Mobility
  • Care of others
  • Care of pets
  • Communication management
  • Financial management
  • Meal preparation / Laundry / Cleaning
  • Sleeping
  • Shopping
  • Driving
  • Play
  • Work
  • School
  • Leisure

Occupational therapists work with the individual, significant others and the individual’s wider community to enhance their ability to engage in the occupations (or activities) that they want/need or are expected to do.

What is SSOT

Smart Solutions Occupational Therapy is a mobile Occupational Therapy service based on the Sunshine Coast consisting of a team of skilled and dedicated local practitioners who have specific interest and experience in working with adults with significant and permanent disability and seniors with a variety of health needs.

Our mission is to provide flexible, evidence based and appropriate client centred OT services in an efficient and timely fashion.

Our therapist’s aim to understand your unique situation and work with you in overcoming barriers and achieving goals.

Our promise is to:

  • Listen closely to your needs and communicate with relevant others
  • Set goals with you ensuring that you have choice and control
  • Be informed and up to date so that you can access the services and funding that you require
  • Deliver the outcome that you have requested in a timely and cost effective manner

How can we help

Occupational Therapists can help to empower you to live safely and as independently as possible according to your own preferences and lifestyle choices.

OT’s look at how an illness, accident or injury or significant/permanent disability is impacting upon your life and aim to assist you by minimising this impact through a range of interventions.

These interventions can involve:

  • Provision of education and training
  • Analysis and modification of relevant tasks
  • Prescription of supportive devices, equipment and assistive technology
  • Prescription of home modifications
  • Provision of custom made rehabilitation programs

Our difference

Smart Solutions is dedicated to the delivery of the best possible outcome every time for every person. We believe there is no compromise for quality of life.

Smart Solutions OT team are handpicked because of their experience, specialist training, interpersonal abilities, passion for their work and commitment to excellence. Smart Solutions OT ‘s are also dedicated to ongoing professional development and growth of their skills and abilities over time.

Smart Solutions OT team have extensive operational experience and well established systems and processes in place which allow for effective and efficient work practices.

Who we work with


A self referral can be made at any time to Occupational Therapy. A Doctor’s referral is not required however there may be some Medicare and Private Health Insurance rebates available if a Doctor’s referral is obtained. More information can be provided on request.

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